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16 June Tauron Life festival, Oswiecim Tickets
6 July Summer Picnic Concerts, Hampton Pool SOLD OUT!
8 July Festival Les Deferlantes, Argeles Sur Mer Tickets
10 July Le Mas Des Escaravatiers festival, Puget sur Argens Tickets
12 July Musilac festival, Aix Les Bains Tickets
21 July Splendour festival, Nottingham Tickets
29 July Lunar festival, Tanworth in Arden Tickets
10 August Festival aux Champs, Chanteix Tickets
16 August Belgrade Beer Festival, Belgrade FREE GIG!
28 August Estival de Trelaze, Trelaze FREE GIG!
23 Sept Looe Music Festival, Cornwall Tickets
16 Oct Barby Club, Tel Aviv Tickets

Limited 3 disc package preorder

Giants advert_98px

The closing date for the preorder for the limited edition 3 disc ‘convention’ package is 4th January 2012. No further orders will be accepted after this date.

The 3 disc set, including a pre-release copies of the band’s 17th studio album Giants, will be despatched by mid-February and the album itself will be released during March.

Update 4th January 2012- preorder now finished

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JJ to appear on Top Of The Pops 1977 documentary

TOTP Heroes_98px

As 2012 marks 35 years since 1977, the BBC are planning to re-run all episodes of the legendary music programme TOTP from ’77 throughout the year on BBC4. These will feature Go Buddy Go (instead of the ‘offensive’ Peaches) in late May/June and No More Heroes (shown above) in late September/October.

To introduce the 1977 re-runs, there is also a documentary featuring bands that appeared on the

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Venue confirmed for European tour

The remaining gig of the April European tour has now been confirmed. The band will play the Big Band Cafe in Caen, France on the 25th April. Tickets are available through the link on the left,


Live recording Nashville Rooms December 1976

Live at Nashville tab

Shortly after signing to UA, before the ink had even dried on the contract, the band made their first recording for their new record company at the Nashville in London. At their A&R man’s suggestion, the full live set was caught on mastertapes for later use but they still remain unused 35 years later…

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News regarding Baz's website

Due to the heavy schedule of Stranglers commitments in 2012, Baz has informed us that he will not be playing any solo gigs for a while. In addition, his website will be takng a hiatus for the foreseeable future. The full message can be read here and you can still contact his site if you wish…


JJ appearance in Japan

Keith ARB

News has reached us from Yuka at SIS Japan that JJ will be appearing at the party to celebrate ARB drummer Keith’s 60th birthday. The event will take place at the Shinjuku Loft in Tokyo on the 5th of February 2012. JJ has collaborated with both Keith and ARB for many years and he will guest with the band that night. Keith also stood in for

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New Jet ratter blog


During the Sunday Q&A session at the Convention, John Robb posed a fan question to all of the band members. Unlike his band mates, Jet provided an amusing but slightly vague answer. In his latest ratter, he expands on his off the cuff answer.

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