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During the band’s career to date, they have released 17 studio albums in total from their groundbreaking 1977 debut Rattus Norvegicus through to 2012′s critically acclaimed Giants. Below, in chronological order are the albums with tracklisting, release date and highest UK chart position. Click on the relevant album image to listen on Spotify…


Line Up-Jet Black, Jean Jacques Burnel, Hugh Cornwell, Dave Greenfield 

Rattus Norvegicus

Released April 1977, highest position 4

Sometimes/Goodbye Toulouse/London Lady/Princess Of The Streets/Hanging Around/Peaches/(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)/Ugly/Down In The Sewer



No More Heroes

October 1977, No 2

I Feel Like A Wog/Bitching/Dead Ringer/Dagenham Dave/Bring On The Nubiles/Something Better Change/No More Heroes/Peasant In The Big Shitty/Burning Up Time/School Mam



Black and White

June 1978, No 2

Tank/Nice n Sleazy/Outside Tokyo/Hey! (Rise Of The Robots)/Sweden (All Quiet On The Eastern Front)/Toiler On The Sea/Curfew/Threatened/In The Shadows/Do You Wanna/Death And Night And Blood (Yukio)/Enough Time



The Raven

October 1979, No4

Longships/The Raven/Dead Loss Angeles/Ice/Baroque Bordello/Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus)/Shah Shah A Go Go/Don’t Bring Harry/Duchess/Meninblack/Genetix



The Gospel According To The Meninblack

February 1981, No 8

Waltzinblack/Just Like Nothing On Earth/Second Coming/Waiting For The Meninblack/Turn The Centuries Turn/Two Sunspots/Four Horsemen/Thrown Away/Manna Machine/Hallow To Our Men



La Folie

November 1981, No 11

Non Stop/Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead/Tramp/Let Me Introduce You To The Family/Ain’t Nothin’ To It/The Man They Love To Hate/Pin Up/It Only Takes Two To Tango/Golden Brown/How To Find True Love And Happiness In The Present Day/La Folie



January 1983, No 4

Midnight Summer Dream/It’s A Small World/Ships That Pass In The Night/European Female/Let’s Tango In Paris/Paradise/All Roads Lead To Rome/Blue Sister/Never Say Goodbye 



Aural Sculpture

November 1984, No 14

Ice Queen/Skin Deep/Let Me Down Easy/No Mercy/North Winds Blowing/Uptown/Punch & Judy/Spain/Laughing/Souls/Mad Hatter





November 1986, No 16

Always The Sun/Dreamtime/Was It You?/You’ll Always Reap What You Sow/Ghost Train/Nice In Nice/Big In America/Shakin’ Like A Leaf/Mayan Skies/Too Precious




March 1990, No 15

Sweet Smell Of Success/Someone Like You/96 Tears/In This Place/Let’s Celebrate/Man Of The Earth/Too Many Teardrops/Where I Live/Out Of My Mind/Never To Look Back




Line Up-Jet Black, Jean Jacques Burnel, John Ellis, Dave Greenfield, Paul Roberts

In The Night

September 1992, No 33

Time To Die/Sugar Bullets/Heaven Or Hell/Laughing At The Rain/This Town/Brainbox/Southern Mountains/Gain Entry To You Soul/Grand Canyon/Wet Afternoon/Never See/Leave It To The Dogs 



About Time

May 1995,  No 31

Golden Boy/Face/Money/Sinister/Little Blue Lies/Still Life/Paradise Row/She Gave It All/Lies And Deception/Lucky Finger/And The Boat Sails By



Written In Red

February 1997,  No 52

Valley Of The Birds/In Heaven She Walks/In A While/Silver Into Blue/Blue Sky/Here/Joy De Viva/Miss You/Daddy’s Riding The Range/Summer In The City/Wonderful Land



Coup De Grace

October 1998, n/a

God Is Good/You Don’t Think That What You’ve Done Is Wrong/Tonight/Jump Over My Shadow/Miss You/Coup De Grace/In The End/No Reason/Known Only Unto God/The Light




Line Up-Jet Black, Jean Jacques Burnel, Dave Greenfield, Paul Roberts, Baz Warne

Norfolk Coast

February 2004, No 70

Norfolk Coast/Big Thing Coming/Long Black Veil/I’ve Been Wild/Dutch Moon/Lost Control/Into The Fire/Tucker’s Grave/I Don’t Agree/Sanfte Kuss/Mine All Mine



2006-to present 

Line Up-Jet Black, Jean Jacques Burnel, Dave Greenfield, Baz Warne

Suite XVI

September 2006, No 89

Unbroken/Spectre Of Love/She’s Slipping Away/Summat Outanowt/Anything Can Happen/See Me Coming/Bless You (Save You, Spare You, Damn You)/A Soldier’s Diary/Barbara (Shangri-La)/I Hate You/Relentless




March 2012, No 48

Another Camden Afternoon/Freedom Is Insane/Giants/Lowlands/Boom Boom/My Fickle Resolve/Time Was Once On My Side/Mercury Rising/Adios-Tango/15 Steps



Coming soon-compilations and live albums…